Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oscar rocks the wall.

Our trip to France inspired Oscar no end.  When we got back he immediately tore all of the horrible lavender-choking Morning Glory - which was only ever pretty for a month or so each year, suffering from drought induced wither or frostbite the rest of the time - off the tyres here...

...and built this excellent rock wall using rocks that are still hanging around from the excavation of the hut 9 years ago.

Jolly good, what?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Early summer 2011

It's heating up here now, and thankfully the awnings seem to be doing their job. Outside temperatures are getting up into the high 30s some days while inside we have had a max of 25ºC - warm, but nowhere near as hot as outside and quite tolerable. This photo shows the planter with the awnings down outside. The plants don't seem to mind the shade too much.
The changes we made to the grey water system (sending the kitchen and washing machine water straight out into the septic instead of into the planter) have worked brilliantly. The whole thing smells better - in fact, doesn't smell at all - the water is cleaner looking in the toilet, and there is no overflow whatsoever and no revolting grease trap to clean. We are immensely pleased with it. So, if you do decide to make a grey water planter, remember to divert the kitchen water straight out to the septic to avoid all that grossness.

We have also (finally!) put doors on all of our cupboards. It was the last proper building sort of job that had to be done, so I guess that means we have really and truly finished the house (in as far as it can ever be finished). Wow.

Outside our windows my flowers have all come up beautifully and are happily nodding away in the breeze with the bees busy about them. Happy summer (or winter if you are in the southern hemisphere) everybody!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Tweaking the ship.

It's been a while since I posted, but that's mainly because we haven't been doing very much work on the house at all. Just living in it happily over the winter. Of course, that doesn't mean there weren't things to be done and the good weather has brought out the builders in us and led to a flurry of tweaking.
The two main focal points have been the planter and the front face. Too much water in one and too much sun on the other. Solutions?
Planter: A three way valve off the internet to send the kitchen and washing machine water directly out to our outlaw septic (you should DEFINITELY do this if you haven't already, cleaning a revolting grease trap gets very old, very quickly) and a good old dig about to take a lot of the over-zealously applied dirt and replace it with room-giving gravel.
Windows: These lovely awnings which were installed on Wednesday and which have already kept the temperature at 22ºC today when it got up over 30ºC outside. Yay. We have also put summer shades over our enormous skylights to stop the heat coming through, the light is perfect for siestas over the coming summer.
Yay for us!