Thursday, January 08, 2009

Winter in the earthship

Well, winter has really arrived and it's a cold one here in Valencia this year. We were at minus 2 this morning and it hasn't got much above 7ºC all day. The house is holding up pretty well. We have a gas heater which we use at night in the living area. Without the heater the house is still warm. On cloudy days it stays around 16ºC but if the sun comes out it gets up into the 20s. We must install blinds to keep all that lovely heat from escaping through the glass at night. I forgot to close one of our skylights yesterday afternoon and when we got home at 8pm our bedroom had gone down to 14ºC. I think it was about -3 outside. We have decided to look out for a good fireplace and install it to be really comfortable.
Apart from that everything is going well with the house. There is certainly a lot of condensation on the windows in front of the planter but it isn't really a problem as the timber is treated and the mud just dries out if it gets a dribble of water on it.
We haven't done any work on the place at all - we are taking a bit of a break and looking for furniture and light fittings etc.
Our little house, the hut that we lived in for five years is falling apart on the inside. The walls are all flaking and need to be scraped and re-rendered. I feel sorry for it, as it seems to have become depressed now that we don't live in it. Poor little hut. As the weather improves we will fix it up and open it to visitors. I'll let you all know when!