Thursday, October 16, 2008

water, plants, 11 years and a new cat

Well, we've been enjoying our first month in the earthship and it has pretty much come up to expectations. The temperature is constantly at about 21ÂșC at the moment, blinds in summer will be necessary to maintain that and I think we will probably end up putting a fire place in the living for the look of it and also to take and cold edges off that may creep in during the winter.

Unfortunately, the most unbelievably torrential rains have shown that I am not too proficient at sealing skylight holes and I have to hunt about for where the (very small amount of) water has filtered through to drip into strategically placed buckets. At least they are only very minor drips but I must admit, it made me feel a bit sick to the stomach when I first saw water on the floor. Hopefully I will sort it out in the next dry spell.

Our planter is amazing - the plants are completely out of control and gorgeously healthy. In just a couple of months they have gone from this to this

Our Carla turned 11 last week (!) and all of us survived her first slumber party (!!).

And we have a new cat... His name is Floyd and I rescued him from the street. He LOVES me for it and is behaving like a dog following me about everywhere to lavish catty affection on me. Moy and Luka are getting used to him slowly...