Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i see red

Except in real life it is nowhere near as fire-engine as these photos make it seem. The second coat has mellowed it to a deep ruby colour and we love it.
And here is our bedroom all mudded up ready for the final smooth coat which will be happening sometime in summer.

Monday, April 14, 2008

sample pots

I have discovered sample pots AND I LOVE THEM!!!
I have only bought four so far (and considering we had already chosen the colour we wanted, even this is a little extravagant) but they are so much fun. They are like those squeezy sponge shoe polishes we used to use at school to blacken our shoes except the colours are really cool.

Anyway, the bathroom is going to be the red colour you can see here, though there was some debate between that and the purple - in the end Carla will have the purple in her room. The shower area and toilet are cream so it won't all be screaming at us when we wander in of a morning. I did think about buying every sample pot in the store and doing little colourful squares all over the place but considering that our floor is already kind of like that I decided it would probably a bit much...