Tuesday, January 29, 2008

more mud and light switches.

Oscar's been doing heaps of mud on Carla's future bedroom and it looks so great that it feels like we will actually get the house finished one day in the not too distant future. I have been making more timber stuff, starting with the bench in the bathroom and moving on to what will be a partition wall at some point. Apart from that, Josep our electricity main(s) man has been doing more complicated wiry stuff and we have two rooms finished electrically speaking.I also took a few big left over beams of wood to Paco the Carpenter who very kindly sawed them into managable bits of furniture making size. On the house. I mean, I didn't have to pay. He didn't actually saw them on the house, although you could in theory put a saw up there, because the roof is pretty flat and definitely solid enough to hold a saw. And we could even plug it in now too. Hmmm.

Friday, January 11, 2008

What stops a girl from blogging...

Christmas holidays dampen blogging spirit as one stays as far away from one's office (and internet connection) as possible, and Christmas here in Spain lasts until the 6th of January so I have been not blogging at all...
We have, however been working on the house and here is proof:

The sunshine men came and put electricity into our mechanical U.

So we have been doing this

with the help of a very good friend who also happens to be an electrician. We love our friends.

We also bought this lovely Portuguese marble basin for the bathroom. It was a great deal because it has slight slight slight chips on the outer rim which you won't see once I embed it in the very first ever piece of furniture made by ME! Out of scrap timber too I might add! Not quite finished yet but getting there. I think my furniture making gene is coming out. Thanks DAD!

There are so many little things to do. One of them is putting the neat inner frame on our windows which you can see here. This is a pretty good shot to give you an idea of the glass we used too.
Anyway, now you are up to date, and I am off to work.
More soon.