Wednesday, September 26, 2007

concerts and methylcrylate

We went to Vic, a town in Catalonia, last weekend to play on a huge stage. Our Aussie friend Bec was there and took some photos . Here is one of them.Oscar was also awarded one of the Puig Porret prizes (winner in his category - singer songwriter, finalist for the big prize) which, apart from being a jolly good thing, means we have a clear methylcrylate cylinder which will be perfect as a rolling pin. It's good when awards have a practical use. The Altaveu award was a V shaped statue which doesn't have much use except as a sort of dodgy book end. And who really wants a portrait of Ovidi Montllor hanging in their sitting room (I may be accused of blasphemy for that)?

We have also discovered that a methylcrylate cylinder does strange things to your eyes when you look through it. This is Carla methylcrylated. Cute isn't she?
So now we are off to Frankfurt to play for the Germans. Should be fun, all the band together in a strange land. I'll have to brush up on my Deutsch. Oops, that's right, I don't have any. Oh well. Ich bin ein bin liner...right?

Friday, September 21, 2007

freak storm

Wow. This is what 160 litres of rain per square metre per hour looks like at our house. It was a real whopper storm with lightning falling right on us (obviously not on us-us but right near us and I even got an electric shock as I was barefootedly leaning on our wet aluminium door frame wondering at nature. Der. Ouch.) and water washing our newly put-in-place dirt all over the place. Ho hum. At least the tanks are full. I calculated that we caught about 4000 litres in an hour and a half. There was a bit of damp in one wall which hadn't been sealed from the outside but it has already dried out (in about three days) and some drips came in the skylights because there was SO MUCH water on the roof that it got up and under the thingummies that are supposed to stop it getting up and under. Must seal. At least we know where the weak spots are now.
Oscar has been concreting the most urgent bits and after a coat or three of good paint we will be well and truly watertight. The good newsa is that the little house didn't get ANY water inside at all.

Monday, September 17, 2007

floor slab

Another thing we did in August was lay the concrete slab floor. Of course there was no hope of getting a truck with a hose in to send the however many cubic metres of concrete in the easy way, so we hired a cement mixer and shovelled gravel and cement and lime like serious professional shovellers (Hey, what do you do? I'm a professional shoveller.) and then wheelbarrowed the mix into the rooms and dumped, levelled and smoothed until it was done. The whole thing would have been near impossible (or at least it would have ended less wonderfully) if it had not been for Ivan the Catalán (seen here with Lisa learning) who came along one day with a group of interested architects to see the house, and offered his services as a great builder if we ever needed any help. Which of course we did. He came and showed us how to lay down the concrete guides and level things off nicely. He also spent a couple of days doing just that and getting us off to a good start. We then felt confident enough to finish it all ourselves. Another friend, Xuli helped out with the shovelling - I can level and smooth like a pro but the shovelling does me in every time. Here I am trying not to step in the concrete I am levelling.
Anyway, the ceiling is suddenly a lot lower (but it isn't too bad once you're used to it) and Luka can now wag his tail all he likes without raising clouds of dust. It's starting to look more livable by the minute!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

natural homes



to see a cool website with a world map showing natural houses.

Ours is the tyre on the east coast of Spain.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bathroom wall and looking after the little house

We had saved quite a few blue gin bottles (no - we didn't drink it all ourselves) and other bottles we liked the shape of and in July we hired a wet tile cutting saw. The place we hired it from didn't have a small machine so we had to take a HUGE one which weighed a ton but got the job done. Here am I with my protective dragon hide gloves and bullet proof goggles cutting the bums off the bottles...... which we then taped together to make glass bricks...
...and then put them in the bathroom wall to decorate and let some light shine through. Like this.
Now we mud all around (see previous post - things are getting a bit out of order I'm afraid) and it looks purty. I am in current crisis about modifying some of these bottle bits, which means knocking down what we've already done and driving Oscar crazy. I'll let you know how it pans out.

Of course we also have to maintain our little igloo of a hut and this year was painting year. It's amazing how white something looks until you put something white next to it, if you get what I mean. Here's me balancing on the slope of our dome slapping on the clean stuff......and here's what it looks like all white - it took some wearing of sunglasses to get used to it in the summer sunshine, I can tell you.
I still have some catching up to do but I don't want to heap it all in one post. More soon.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Early September catching up

On the first weekend of August the guys from the band came to stay over and give us a hand with the house. We got heaps done on the ceiling and quite a bit of rough mudding. They put mud on the bathroom wall with the bottle detail, mud on the walls of the second U, and as can only be expected, mud all over each other...

Oscar cousin Celia came to help me keep the boys in line.