Friday, August 17, 2007


We've been doing heaps but the place I take my film to get developed is on holidays and I have no photos yet! Let's see...

We have been mudding the walls, including the bathroom with it's bottle details. And putting up the ceiling in the greenhouse section and doing all of the electical conduit-ing. And the plumbing. And the planter is now full of gravel and about to be peat-mossed after numerous phone calls and visits to garden centres who think that peat moss is compost. Finally found a place not too far away (60minute drive) that supplies bales of real sphagnum stuff
The floors have been almost completely levelled-ish and we've emptied most of the stuff out of the house to get on with pouring our slab next week. The berm has been covered and built up a bit more - still one more back-hoe trip needed to finish that off. Oscar has been finishing the tyre work around the tanks which ended up being basically another U. What else?...

We've had people come to stay and visit and eat and play and swim and generally have a nice time. It's been a good summer so far and all is well.

next week some photos I hope.