Thursday, May 31, 2007

full frontal

as in of the house. here 'tis. We have started the end wall to close up the house and are now negotiating solar power which has become a nightmare of scribbling watts and looking for super cool whitegoods that use next to nothing and ARE NOT SOLD in Spain. Bother. Have to make to with less that super or, alternatively travel to Germany to buy a fridge and washing machine. DID however find gorgeous wonderful cooker with gas only, fat 90cm oven and five hobs. Now just have to start saving for it's 3500 EURO pricetag. Ho hum.

After posting this I have realised that the oven I was looking at costs 3500 dollars (phew) but only available in Mexico (boo)...

Monday, May 28, 2007

snails and pellets

I mentioned the little blue snail pellets in an earlier post - they absolutely fulminate snails which leads to feelings of guilt and general discomfort until you see what a couple of the slimy buggers can do to your courgettes overnight...
Just look at the base of our cherry tree after I sprinkled a few lethal pellets around(you may have to click on the photos to make it bigger and appreciate the empty shells against the snail coloured background). They seem to LIQUIFY the creatures. Ugh. Snail Graveyard. At least the ants get a feast out of it.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Holidays Ahoy

With just three weeks 'til the summer holidays start we are gearing up for three months of housework - and I don't mean mops and dusters. The electricity is going to be finished, the plumbing, the walls, the bathroom, the outside end walls...well, that's the theory anyway. I'll keep you up to date and see if we can't get this thing 95% finished by September.

Here you have a couple of photos of our bountiful fruit trees - the apricots are fragrantly sweet and delicious and the cherry - yes, just one single cherry this year- was an event unto itself. The third picture shows the beginnings of our summer plantation which is now far more advanced and the last photo is the compost box thing I ended up photographing after all (see the rotovator, the apricot tree and the ubiquitous cat).

More soon

Thursday, May 10, 2007



I am now an officially published composer!

With a copyright C in a circle and everything!


Monday, May 07, 2007

The rotovator, the apricot tree and the ubiquitous cat.

I had SO much fun on Sunday with a rotovator and our apricot tree. I was happily rotovating (?) our patch of soil and compost when the tree reached down and positively tore a chunk out of my shoulder. Ouch! It did so not want its roots to be accidentally 'vated. I ploughed bravely on and made lovely tilth as Mr Seymour says for our little potatoes, peppers, aubergines, basil, tomatoes et al. Then I went and picked some green apricots just to spite the tree. Yum. Green apricots. Actually they needed thinning so I was being neither vindictive nor in any way gourmet. Anyway, plants have been planted and drip irrigation mended. Fingers crossed for beaut crops over summer.
I also banged a lovely double bin compost box up à la Seymour but haven't got photos of it. I imagine that people must wonder at my photographic subjects sometimes and have decided not to take pix of our garbage, although I might if it looks charming at dusk...
Here is Sophie the boy cat instead.