Monday, August 28, 2006

insulation and waterproofing

So then we started laying down the insulation board, first on the greenhouse and later on the main body of the Us. The greenhouse has just 4cm of rigid insulation over the decking because we are putting rockwool in the gaps between the beams and then decking underthat (visible from the inside) while the Us have their beams on show from the inside and 12 cm of rigid insulation over the top. Then we put wooden strips to screw the corrugated metal into and filled the gaps with another 2cm of insulation. All of this got screwed into the inside beams with 26cm long screws - Oscar managed to get them all straight into the beams! We were working to a deadline here because the metal people were coming on the...can't remember which day they came but they were coming. Unfortunately in the mornings when it was cool enough to work, there was heavy dew and as everything was soaking wet we couldn't do anything. In the afternoons the wind sprang up and blew insulation all over the place so our only option was to work in the heat of the day between water and wind. It was SO hot.

decking and beams

OK, I know this is being posted very late but I didn't get the photos developed until just recently so I am going to do a few separate posts today in chronological order so it looks kind of like I'm keeping on top of this blog.
Here you can see that we finished the decking and the front beams - this was back in early July. Everything was ready for the insulation and waterproofing. More than a month later I still have the callous on my thumb from the six million screws that I drilled into place. Ouch. All the wood has been treated with stuff to stop woodworm and damp. Smelly and sticky but worth it I hope...